Braided Suede and Chain Statement Necklace


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Charred Palm:

Once in a while, inspiration for an item comes directly from something I see during a nature bath and/or a photo. I purchased this pendant several years ago and struggled coming up with a design for it. Flash forward a few years and while on a hike in Florida, I came across several palm tree stumps that were charred due to a control burn. As soon as I saw the one pictured above, the idea for this necklace hit me and I knew I needed to take a photo of this charred palm stump. The pattern of the charring mimics that of the pendant!

20 inches each of suede leather laces in black and ivory are braided with 20 inches of silver plated cable chain.

The black and silver pendant adds an additional 1.5 inches to the overall length of this necklace making it a total of 24″ long.


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